What is Lip Liners Used for & How to Use it Step by Step?

What is Lip Liners Used for & How to Use it Step by Step?

Although lip liners is not a necessary step for our makeup, atomee have to say that lip liner still has achieved great success in the beauty industry. It really makes a big difference to our makeup. Of course, not everyone is suitable. This needs to be based on your own lip shape and makeup preferences.

You can still shake the gorgeous lipstick without lifting your lips. Despite being an optional cosmetic product, lip liner is still very popular in the beauty industry. The lip liner hype is real for many reasons.

What is Lip Liners Used for?

Lip lines can shape our lips. We can control the slender nib tip to re-outline our lip shape, which can be matched with our makeup to create a more perfect effect.

The lip liner is specially formulated to last for a long time, which explains why most lip pencils are creamy matte. The formula of the lip liner helps your lipstick adhere to your lips better without bleeding or hair loss.
Another important use of lip liner is to correct lips or thin lips. If your lips are too thin, applying lipstick alone may be difficult. Lip liner can be an effective make-up product, we can paint a suitable shadow on the edge of the lips, that is to make our lips look slightly plump.

This is also true for people with uneven lips. You can draw the lines and lip shapes you want by yourself, and modify and adjust them with foundation.

Other uses of lip liners

Try a bold lip liner with a non-drying formula. Lip liners can be used as both a lip liner and a lipstick, which not only makes the lip liner multifunctional but also saves us money and time.

Lip liners are basically long-lasting lip colors, so they can also be used as lipsticks. Apply the lip pencil to your lips to get a long-lasting matte stain, leave it as it is or keep it shiny.

The lip liner comes in a variety of shades and formulas for a wide range of uses. Learn how to arrange your lips correctly so you can decide whether a lip pencil can improve your overall makeup. Although lip liner is optional, adding some to your makeup storage area can definitely change your usual daily makeup habits.

How to apply lip liner for natural lip makeup?

Step 1: Clean and prep Your Lips carefully

You can use a lip scrub to gently wipe off all dead skin according to your own situation, and then smooth it with a lip balm to make our lips smooth. Then you need to let the lip balm soak for a few minutes before applying the color. Be careful not to hurt your lips during this process.

Step 2: Apply the primer with concealer

The next step is to slowly apply the concealer to the skin outside the lip line, this is to cover our original lip shape so that we can use the lip line to reshape the effect we want in the next step.

Step 3: Draw our upper lip line

First, make sure that the nib is sharp and suitable for your usage habits. We can first draw some curves on the back of the hand to soften the sharp tip and warm up the product.

Then draw a small “X” on the center of our upper lip, and then gradually extend it to both sides to the corner of the mouth, paying attention to maintaining the symmetry and naturalness of the two lines.

Step 4: Line your bottom lip

Once again, you will start from the very center of your lower lip, and then walk towards the corners of your mouth, staying within the natural shape of the line.

Step 5: Fill the color

Finally, use lipstick to color the upper and lower lips, and then use a lip brush or fingertips to blend the lip liner into the lipstick. If there is any error, you can use a cotton swab to modify it.

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