How to Stop Makeup from Oxidizing

How to Stop Makeup from Oxidizing

The girl who often wears makeup must have this problem: the makeup is tidy and smooth when we just finish the makeup, but after a few hours the base makeup will look dirty. Such a phenomenon is the oxidation of the makeup. Here atomee will tell you the reason why our makeup will become oxidizing and how to stop makeup from oxidizing.

Why does makeup oxidize?

1. Facial oil

The amount of sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands is related to the stimulation of the skin by UV rays and the temperature of the surrounding environment. When the surface of the skin produces oil, then the oil lies on the surface of the skin flatly. It will be in contact with the air and will be oxidized. This is like what atomee saying before that just after washing your face, your skin will feel white and after a while, your skin will become dull. As time goes by, the oil on the face increases and so does the oxidation.

2. Oxidation caused by the oils in the makeup itself

If you read the ingredient list of foundation products you will find that: primers contain antioxidants in their ingredients. The biggest role of this antioxidant is to prevent the foundation from being oxidized. But, even it contains antioxidants, the foundation can still be oxidized.

The oxidation of the foundation is mainly caused by the exposure of the oil in the foundation to air. Therefore, usually the more moisturizing the foundation is, the more likely it is to be oxidized because of its higher oil content. However, this is not absolute and is also related to the product formulation and the antioxidants in the product.

Most higher-priced foundations may have better antioxidant capacity because of the use of better antioxidant ingredients. However, this is still not absolute. Also, the degree of oxidation of the same foundation varies in different environments or on different people’s faces.

3. Dirt on the skin

The skin is exposed to the air will inevitably be contaminated with airborne dust, dust, and other substances. Especially in the case of air quality is poor. Dust falling on the skin will naturally give people a dirty feeling, and also affect the visual effect of makeup.

So it’s very easy for our makeup to become oxidizing. Next, I’ll introduce to you how to stop makeup from oxidizing. Hope that will help you learn more about skincare.

How to Stop Makeup from Oxidizing

Tips 1# Avoid choosing a shade that is too white for the foundation.

Previously we talked about how the foundation tries to choose a color that fits with your skin tone to avoid oxidation that is too ugly. Some of you asked, ” Can the same color as your skin not be oxidized?”

In fact, it will also be oxidized. The reason why I recommended to choose a color close to the skin color is that: the off-white color will be gray after the oxidation of the base makeup. There are also some viewers who say” Is not the foundation to be white? ” Wrong! The important role of the foundation is to even out your skin tone, not to make you look white. It is possible that we always have the idea of a white cover-up, but inappropriate white will only look very fake and make the base makeup seem without texture.

Tips 2# Wear lightweight primer

In fact, from the past one or two years of the daily miscellaneous or show makeup, the base makeup is on the road of pursuing clear and natural. And in life is the same: clear and natural makeup can highlight the texture of the skin more, make your face look without the sense of a mask.

When the base makeup oxidation dull, light base makeup is also easier to make up. If the original foundation is heavy, then the makeup will easily appear patchy, caked and so on.

Tips 3# Deal with skin surface oil timely

For girls with serious skin oil, it is recommended that the bag is often blotted with oil-absorbing paper to absorb the excess oil. Avoid oxidation of oil and grease thus causing dullness of the base makeup.

Tips 4# Avoid using overmoist pre-makeup primer

Many girls with dry skin are used to apply very moisturizing primer products because of their dry skin. I remember that in the makeup videos of Japan’s popular makeup artist, Yusuke Kawakita, mentioned that he were afraid of using very oily priming products before primer. Too much oil on the one hand will make the base makeup easier to oxidation dull. And at the same time with the principle of oil dissolving oil, it’s also easy to make the base makeup take off.

Tips 5# Minimizing sun exposure

Although we cannot avoid the problem of oxidation of primer in contact with air, UV exposure can be avoided as much as possible. Some studies have proven that titanium dioxide in sunscreen produces free radicals when exposed to sunlight. Also, sun exposure can cause excessive oil problems. Therefore, if you go out to do a certain amount of UV shielding protection, reduce skin oil and other problems have a role in reducing oxidation.

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