5 Must-Know Makeup Tips for People with Sensitive Skin

5 Must-Know Makeup Tips for People with Sensitive Skin

Skin experts emphasized: “If the skin is not good, makeup will not solve the problem.” This means that skincare should be your first line of defense. So we should put skincare in the first step, only after the skin is better, we can make better makeup. And today, I will share some makeup tips for sensitive skin.

One of the biggest issues to consider when using products on sensitive skin (whether it is skin care or cosmetics) is the formulation. Due to the sensation of sensitivity in this type of skin, the use of irritating formulas containing certain active ingredients, fragrances and other potentially irritating can severely ruin the complexion and cause the deterioration of sensitive skin, possibly even due to redness, rash and Erythema causes obvious irritation.

“Skin sensitivity is usually caused by the products people use,” said Dr. Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist certified by the New York City Board of Directors. She added: “People with sensitive skin and redness need ingredients that will not irritate or aggravate the skin.”

What is sensitive skin?

Skin sensitivity is caused by many factors. From dehydration (causing the skin to feel super dry and itchy) to ingredient irritation to skin conditions (think: sudden onset of psoriasis, rupture, and eczema), the complexion can be uncomfortable, and even the most common skin types can cause skin discomfort.

Sometimes you will encounter some sensitive issues. That said, sensitive skin is not just a side effect, it is also considered a skin type because many men and women usually experience some form of skin sensitivity.

Makeup tips for sensitive and inflamed skin

Tip 1: Use a mild facial cleanser

Whether it is skincare or makeup, the first step is to clean the face. “Start with a mild cleanser and warm water to clean the face,” suggested celebrity makeup artist Aliana Lopez. But you also need to pay attention to choosing a suitable facial cleanser according to the season and even the weather. In dry weather and colder months, we can choose to use milder ones, so that the skin will not be too dry. As for hotter weather, we use lighter products (such as foam or micellar water) that have moisturizing properties.

Tip2: Solid cosmetics are generally safer

Solid cosmetics can be easily made into a stick or compact formulas without too many preservatives because they do not contain water with bacteria. This is a small point of knowledge. I hope everyone can choose solids when choosing cosmetics. Of moisture-free cosmetics. This will reduce the growth of bacteria.

Tip3: Sponge is the best makeup tool and keep them clean

We like sponges because if the skin is textured, sponges can make our skin look smooth, and proper patting is particularly effective for covering wrinkles. Of course, although it is a very useful makeup tool, we must also be aware of the composition of the sponge. It is important to avoid common allergen latex, because latex can cause atopic dermatitis, so try to choose safe products when buying.

Tip4: Try BB cream instead of heavier foundation cream

Use powder as little as possible, as it will also dry out the skin and increase sensitivity. If you do rely on powder, please remove the excess before applying to ensure that you are using the minimum requirements. Of course, the best thing is to use mild and delicate products such as BB cream, which will not make the skin feel too dry, reduce sensitivity, and provide a barrier to the skin.

For the application of liquid foundation, apply liquid foundation only where needed, so that the rest of the skin becomes bright and beautiful and becomes the focus. The same rule applies to concealer, because we only really need it to cover nasty spots, not the entire surface.

Tip5: Always remove your makeup

If you have to make up with sensitive skin, remember to make up responsibly. Makeup remover can greatly clean the skin, because bacteria can stick to foundation, concealer and other products, it is easy to press into the skin and cause serious damage. In addition, your skin needs some time to breathe (especially during its regeneration), and not removing it may cause damage to it.

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