How to Stop Eye Makeup from Blotchy

How to Stop Eye Makeup from Blotchy

The first thing you normally see when you look at someone is their eyes. This is the reason why it is so important to make the best of your eyes when you’re applying makeup. The suitable eye makeup will make your face stand out. However, sometimes we use the wrong steps to apply makeup. And as a result, it’s easy for our eye makeup to become patchy, which may give others a sloppy impression. Here Atomee will introduce you on what blotchy makeup is and why our makeup will become blotchy as well as how to stop makeup especially eye makeup from blotchy.

what is blotchy makeup

a. Mottled foundation

After a few hours of makeup, a lot of oil will be produced on the face. Then the color of the face began to look different, some areas where the original skin color was showing and pores in some areas became visible.

In addition to oil, sweating is also one of the reasons why people take off their makeup. Whether it’s a fine bead of sweat or a sweaty head that runs down, it’s easy to “take” foundation away. The effect is similar to that of oil, the pores become visible, and the face is “shiny”, almost all the imperfections of the skin are exposed.

b. Creasing and caky makeup

Dry face is the most common complaint I’ve heard from people about makeup lately. Even though I moisturized face before applying makeup and soaked the sponge to apply foundation. But within a few hours, my face starts to dry out like a desert again. The foundation looks like a freshly painted “white wall”, it looks fake and rough, like the paint is “floating”. Up close, it looks like the pigment is hanging on the skin’s fluffy surface. (Too much oil on the face will also “float” the foundation.

why our makeup will become blotchy

a. Poor skin condition

Some people’s skin produces a lot of oil, especially in the T-zone and cheeks. And soon the foundation can’t stay on. When it mixes with oil, your face will look patchy and powdery.

b. Choosing the Wrong Type of Makeup

Some girls like the shiny “watery skin” look. I’m not sure what kind of skin type I have, but I always choose the shiny “moisturizing” type for my foundation and makeup. It’s a good idea if you have dry skin. But if you have oily skin, your makeup will take off faster than you can imagine.

How to stop makeup especially eye makeup from blotchy

Tip 1 # Simplify your pre-makeup routine

Unless you have very dry skin, you don’t need to layer your serums and hyaluronic acid eye creams and face creams or face oils. Especially in the coming summer months, try to simplify your skincare routine into two steps before applying makeup. This is because your skin is already oily peak, layer after layer of maintenance products paste on, but also on sunscreen makeup foundation concealer and so on is already a lot, it is impossible not to take off makeup. So it’s best to reduce the burden on your skin as much as possible.

Tip 2 # Use an oil-control pre-makeup spray instead of pre-makeup cream

The texture of the pre-makeup spray is lighter than that of the milk-based pre-makeup products. It is used after skincare and before makeup application, and after spraying one layer, it has the effect of smoothing the pores of the pre-makeup cream and controlling oil and makeup. It is similar to the familiar “makeup setting spray”, which has the effect of adjusting the skin condition.

Tip 3 #Paper-wrapped sponge for foundation

After applying the foundation, don’t rush to the next step. First, use this method to “gently” press and pat your face once. This will draw out excess oil from the foundation and increase the hold time of the foundation in place. All you need to prepare is a paper towel and a clean triangular sponge. Step 1: Separate the two layers of paper towels and use a thin layer of the paper towel. Step 2: Wrap the clean triangular sponge in tissue paper. Step 3: Gently pat it over the newly applied foundation to absorb the oil.

Tip 4 # Apply loose powder with a makeup sponge instead of a brush.

If your skin is easy to produce oil, try switching to use a beauty blender in your makeup application and pressing it on oily areas of your face. Because the beauty blender is compact, it has weight on the skin and binds the loose powder more tightly to the skin. This will have a more pronounced effect on the oil than if you were to use a brush alone.

Tip 5 # Moderate smudging of eye makeup

The width of the base should be no more than one-half of the width of the eyelid. And the shades should transition from inside to outside. After each layer of eyeshadow, stand up the smudge brush and sweep it back and forth across the border of the block until the colors blend naturally. Using your fingers or a flat brush, apply a small amount of pearlescent glitter to the center of the eyelid with the first stroke. Then blur slightly to the sides. Get a flat brush or a small flame-tipped brush and carefully overlap the eyeshadow, not too wide! Do not go beyond the back third of the lower eyelid! Avoid applying makeup directly with your fingers!

Tip 6 # Pay attention to the eyeliner

To draw eyeliner, flip the eyelid up to expose the base of the eyelashes. Then draw on the base of the eyelashes first and the outer eyeliner secondly. Draw a line outward at the end of the liner to form a small, slightly raised triangle. Before applying mascara, apply the primer and wait until it’s dry. Then you can draw the mascara and be careful to push it evenly.

Hope these how to stop makeup especially eye makeup from blotchy tips and knowledge can help you with makeup. And a pair of imperfect eyes can achieve beautiful highlights under the eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and finishing touches. So remember to practice more! The eye makeup can be more delicate if you use these tips.

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