How to Remove Your Makeup Before Bed: Best 5 Tips From atomee

How to Remove Your Makeup Before Bed: Best 5 Tips From atomee

Why we should remove makeup before bed

Please remember that no matter how tired you feel after a long working day, you must remove your makeup before going to bed! This will never be a bad suggestion. Everyone likes to start again. So if you want to have clean and bright skin when you wake up during the day, then you absolutely must remove all makeup.

Because if you just go to bed and rest without removing your makeup, you will definitely regret the consequences. Because during your rest period, certain products you use on your face during the day may clog pores, and unknowingly, your skin will face dry skin, acne, and even wrinkles caused by collagen breakdown. Not only that, if you wear eye makeup, it can also cause a series of problems, including eye infections, eye irritation, stye and eyelash damage.

Removing makeup every night is a necessity for skincare.

How to Remove Makeup and the Best Tips for you

Tip1: Wipe off eye makeup.

From my own experience, many people neglect to clean our forehead and eye makeup. But often mascara and eyeliner are the most difficult to wash off, so we should first use liquid or cream eye makeup remover specially made for eyes. And be careful to use a cotton pad or cotton swab to gently wipe the makeup. You can take your time when cleaning eye makeup. Safety is the most important. Be careful not to scrub the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Tip2: Avoid wipes

Do you think that babies have sensitive skin, so we can use baby wipes to wipe the cosmetics on the face? This is not the case. Because the baby’s skin is delicate, but our facial skin is still different after all. And many people mistakenly believe that wet wipes are very clean and can remove makeup.

Although wet wipes can be an excellent initial step in removing makeup-in fact, it is best to remove makeup before cleaning. Because the use of warm water and facial cleanser can really remove the residue and prepare for skincare at night. If you only use wet wipes and then moisturizer, you may push dust into your pores and cause problems such as acne on your face.

Tip3: Don’t forget to clean your hair

If you love to use foundation and pay attention to maintaining the color balance of the skin, then the foundation should reach the hairline. So don’t forget to clean your roots. Your roots may be a little wet, but it is worth it to clean completely.

We fully understand: After midnight, the pillow beckons, and even simple steps (such as throwing hair into a pony) may feel laborious. However, this does not mean that you may shorten your hairline by a few inches when you wash your face. Celebrity facial care experts confirmed: “People often accumulate cosmetic residues around the hairline, which can cause clogged pores and hair loss.” Joanna Vargas (Joanna Vargas). Note. Take two seconds to tie it up, or you can put it on a slippery, loop-like headband to make sure you get rid of any traces of makeup.

Tip4: Remember to remove lip makeup

Although your lip color may disappear before going to bed, this does not mean that you should forget to use makeup remover on your lips. Because lip gloss will remain on your skin all the time, it will cause great damage to your skin in one night, it will become dry, and it may cause inflammation.

Tip5: Keep up with moisturizers

No matter which makeup and cleansing option you prefer, it is very important to clean and moisturize your face after makeup removal. Cleaning can help us completely remove the residual cosmetics on the face, and then using moisturizers can make our skin better moisturized and protected.

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