How to Redo Disney’s Mulan Makeup

How to Redo Disney’s Mulan Makeup

Disney’s new movie, Mulan, has stirred up heated discussions at home and abroad upon its release, especially in China. In addition to the story and special effects, the item that netizens most feel interested in is Mulan’s ancient women’s makeup. And the hashtag #Mulan makeup has reached billions of impressions on the Internet. Many people including some KOL in makeup have posted their makeup redo video about this funny makeup. Atomee also wants to keep up with the trend, so I studied this attractive makeup and then wrote these redo tips for you. Now let’s see this Disney’s Mulan makeup features and how to redo it.

The features of Mulan makeup

In the Ballad of Mùlán Cí, the description of Mulan’s makeup is “Facing the window she fixes her cloudlike hair, Hanging up a mirror she dabs on yellow flower powder.” It’s very vague, but revealing one vital element: yellow color. Also, in the context of the story, we know that this is the Northern Wei Dynasty. So we need to check the makeup features of Wei Dynasty and find the example makeup for women. But here is also an easier way. We just redo the makeup of Mulan movie. Let’s see the features of Mulan makeup in this movie.

The most obvious point of the makeup is Mulan’s yellow gold forehead and red rouged cheeks which symbolize auspiciousness and good luck according to the history of the Chinese. The final application is the forehead “hua dian,” or the decorative detail. That is a classic element of ancient Chinese women’s makeup. And what showed in Mulan’s case is a three-petal plum blossom, which originated from a legend from the Southern Dynasty. Princess Shouyang was taking a walk in the palace and at this time a plum blossom fell on her forehead. There is no reason that people can’t wash or remove it. Fortunately, it looked beautiful on her face and then it became a trend in the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Another important element in this makeup is the red blush and lips. According to the designers of this makeup, the color of blush and lips are inspired by the red clouds at dawn. So the color is sunset.

How to Redo Disney’s Mulan Makeup

Now let’s start to redo this classic makeup. It can be divided into 7 steps.

Step 1# Apply the foundation

First, apply the primer cream to a large area of the face. Then press the whole face with the palm of your hand, the primer cream can improve the skin tone and isolate the role of dust and radiation. Then use a makeup sponge (you can also choose other tools to apply makeup, but here I recommend makeup sponge most. If you do not know how to use it, please see this blog.), squeeze out a small amount of whitish color foundation. Spread out on the cheeks from the inside out. (If you have face spots, you can use a little concealer first). Finally, take a small amount of powder and put it on the face with a puff. Not too much, and the same goes for powder.

Step 2# Highlighting the forhead with white

Then choose a whiter shade liquid foundation and spread it evenly on your forehead with a beautyblender. Start in the middle of your eyebrows and smudge about 2 cm to the both sides. Do this in small increments and repeat some times until you can clearly see a white patch on your forehead in the mirror.

Step 3# Blushing

Blush is the focal point of the look. Choose a positive red blush and apply it liberally to the hollows of the cheekbones. Pay attention to avoid the frontal cheekbones and allow the sides of the cheeks to close as much as possible towards the front. This is just like the way we usually paint a cheek swallow, which shows off a small, thin face. The cheeks should also be filled with red blush, which is what this look is all about.

Step 4# Apply the eyeshadows

This look does not require a lot on eye shadow. A simple brown eyeshadow with a slight smudge will do. Be careful not to use too bright color, as it will steal the spotlight from the blush and lips.

Step 5# Apply the yellow on the forhead

Choose a bright yellow or other yellow-toned eye shadow or blush cream product. With a small brush, dip a little into it and slowly apply it to the center of the white swatch on our forehead. But don’t cover all the white areas, leave a little edge to give a different sense of depth.

Step 6# Pait the Hua dian

Using a small brush, dip the brush in pink or red blush or lipstick and draw three cherry blossoms in the center of the yellow department you just smudged. Here’s a tip, if you don’t have a thin enough brush, try using an eyeliner pencil instead!

Step 7# Wear lipstick

Start by using a lip liner to create a standard lip shape. Note that this is not a lip bite, but a thick, matte finish that is common in Europe and America. So I won’t repeat here. Just follow your everyday lipstick application routine, and choose a matte lipstick with a red color. And don’t use lipstick gloss, it’ll make your lips look oily!

Although some netizens are criticized on this makeup look. But actually, it’s also a way for us to learn about other countries’ cultures. It deserves to try. As well as this Disney’s Mulan makeup deserves to redo. And if you want to know more beauty tips, come to our beauty deals to see more products.

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