How to Keep Lipstick from Smearing

How to Keep Lipstick from Smearing

Lipstick is the most effective tool to enhance our good looks. Even without makeup, as long as you put on lipstick that suits your skin tone before going out, your whole temperament and charm will increase instantly. However, many girls are a bit distressed, every time they drink water or eat food, their lips will become the original shape. And it’s very embarrassing to recover the lipstick again and again. In fact, Atomee has some small tips to apply lipstick to keep it the whole day and not easy to stain the cup. Let’s see how to keep lipstick from smearing.

We know that the canvas is very important to the painter. And similarly, a good condition of the lips is also very important to our makeup. So the first thing you need to do before applying lipstick is to take good care of your lips.

Step 1# Lip Care

First, apply a hot towel to the lips. At the very beginning, you can use a hot towel on your lips, this will not only soften the cuticles but also moisturize your lips! Second, exfoliating. For lipstick to last, it is a basic principle to have no dead skin on your lips. Imagine, a piece of flying lip skin on your pout, lipstick is not fit. Can also expect to last bleh? So this time, you need lip scrub products. Here atomee can recommend one product that I always use, and you can also buy it from our beauty deals.

ginger sugar lip scrub-how to keep lipstick from smearing

According to the frequency, does not need to do lip exfoliation every day. 1-2 times a week is enough. So-called too much is not enough.

Step 2# Moisturize lips

The dryness of the lips will make the color of the lipstick greatly reduced. So before applying lipstick, you must first apply lip balm to moisturize the lips. It can not only make the lips plump and full but also make the lipstick color soft and colorful. Try to use moist non-greasy lip balm. Otherwise, the lips will become oily, and then affect the subsequent makeup… So it plays an important role in keeping lipstick from smearing

Lip balms containing ingredients like beeswax are more preferable because it helps to fill in the lip lines and make the lips smooth so that the subsequent color will be smooth and firm!

Step 3# Apply lip primer

In fact, few people have the habit of lip primer. But primer has at least two benefits. In addition to making lip makeup last longer, it can also help you cover up the original lip color. For some girls with over-dark lips, it is the best solution to improve the color of lipstick. And pay attention to that: no need to rub back and forth to death, just pat the lip concealer on the lips, a thin layer to cover up the color of the lips themselves.

Then, press your lips with your fingers. After applying lip balm, use a lip brush or your finger to press your lips gently. This action will make your lips absorb the lip moisturizing ingredients quickly and make them moister.

Step 4# Use Lipliner

Use a colorless or light-colored lip liner to outline the lip line, and then apply lipstick within this range so that the lipstick will not spill out of the lips, resulting in an embarrassing situation of spent makeup. It is better to fill in the lips than just outline the edges. To have a good lip contour, you can’t do without a lip pencil. It also provides an extra layer of laying material that is more conducive to subsequent lipstick coloring. Of course, for girls who just need everyday makeup, you can do without lip liner.

If you don’t like to use lipliner, we’ll teach you another way to prevent blossoming makeup: first, pat some powder on your lips, then apply lipstick and sip away. Repeat the above process once, but the second time, you don’t need to sip it again. Or after the first sip open with oil-absorbing paper or tissue paper gently covered. It will float on the surface of the lipstick stick away, and then apply again.

Step 5# Apply Lipstick

Follow the outline of the lipline you just made and expand the color from the outside. In short, if you use a lip liner, make sure that the lipstick covers the color of the lip line thoroughly and that there is no spillage. The outer extensions of the lips are already full of color. If you skipped step 4, then you have to be careful especially when portraying the lip shape in this step. After all, drawing lipstick is also considered as a delicate job, with the corners of the mouth and the peaks of the upper and lower lips.

Step 6# Setting the lips makeup

Use a tissue to purse your lips. Every time you finish painting lipstick, you can use a tissue to sip it. It will have a very good makeup effect! That’s because the tissue will “eat” part of the lipstick and the color of the lipstick left on the lips will become deeper. So you can apply lipstick again after minutes. Then take a layer of tissue paper (not too thick), stick it on the lips gently, and then use a powder brush to brush transparent loose powder across the tissue paper! Many professional makeup artists do this backstage at fashion shows.

The loose powder is scattered on the lip makeup through the pores of the tissue. Not too concentrated, just like a layer of flour knotted on the lips. And you can use the oil-control ability of the loose powder itself to keep the lip makeup lasting. Hope now you know how to keep lipstick from smearing!

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