Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Baking with Makeup & The Guide for Makeup Baking

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Baking with Makeup & The Guide for Makeup Baking

A. What is baking with makeup?

This year, we see that the term “baking with makeup” has gradually become popular, and the number of searches has increased. atomee believe you can also see a lot of influential people baking makeup with powder to achieve a flawless matte effect on social networks.

But in fact, many people have not really tried baking makeup, or even fully aware of its meaning. Although it’s not a new technique to use powder to do set makeup, not all makeup artists know how to bake and who is suitable for baking.

The way of baking and setting makeup is to use excessive loose powder to absorb the oil from the oily area at the beginning, then leaving the remaining powder to keep the overall makeup fresh and clean. At this time, we only need to wipe off the excess loose powder floating on the surface with a brush. This can solve the problem of the oily area and achieve the long-term makeup effect. In addition to the oil outlet area, we can do ordinary makeup.

Hope you have understood, but if not, you can continue reading.

B. Why you should be baking with makeup?

During the current epidemic, I believe everyone is gradually getting used to wearing masks, but one problem that wearing masks brings is that it can easily rub off the makeup on the T-zone and cheeks of our face, that’s very bad…so how to set makeup effectively for a long time? How to prevent makeup from being damaged by masks and oil for a while has become a matter of great concern to everyone.

The benefits of baking with makeup

a. It takes a very short time

Generally, we only need to spend 5-10 minutes more to make our skin more perfect and our makeup more docile and natural. And then our makeup can stay in a particularly smooth and delicate state without taking off all day long.

b. Relatively simple method of setting makeup

Compared to buying complex makeup products with a lot of time and money, just a few minutes and a simple makeup powder can solve our problem perfectly. There is no complicated process, just simple patience.

c. Keep makeup clean

When we puff the powder under the eyes, it can actually take away the eye shadow powder that was dropped on our face when applying, which can make our overall makeup look cleaner.

d. Long set-up time is not easy to take off

A large amount of loose powder puff on the face can absorb the oil and moisture from the makeup process, thereby maintaining a dry makeup surface.

Why you should be baking with makeup?

Something needs to pay attention to baking with makeup

a. Choose fine powder with the right color

When choosing cosmetics, you must choose the one that suits your skin tone and skin type. Again, don’t be fooled by the price, either the most expensive or the best, the most important thing for you is. It is best to choose a powder with fine powder, otherwise it is easy to make your makeup look uneven and unnatural. The fine powder will be more friendly to your skin and will not cause acne.

b. Pay attention to the amount

For oily skin, you only need to bake with makeup locally, and baking on the whole face tends to become unnatural. The key to baking with makeup is a large amount of powder, but it will definitely affect the skin tone. At this time, the oil outlet area should be focused on, and the use of powder can be increased in other parts (if you don’t know how to define it, just add a little bit).

Because the function of powder is to control oil, in fact, the mechanism of action is the same as that of flour absorbing oil, so it is better to use less where you don’t always produce oil. When setting makeup on dry skin, increase the amount in places where is oily, and then you can set makeup normally in other places.

c. Makeup color coordination

Don’t forget, blushers are also powdery, and loose powders are powdery. The coloration of other makeup should also be considered. Don’t let the overall makeup lose coordination because of the makeup. Coordination is beauty.

C. When and which type of skin can bake face with makeup?

Although everyone is saying that baking makeup works well, is it really suitable for everyone? Is it really suitable for all time?

Of course not, even the most powerful makeup artist may not use this way of setting makeup. So we can try and choose according to our own situation, not the trend.

Q: Is it suitable for all time?

A: Of course not.

This time refers to the season and climate. If it is summer, the way of setting makeup is definitely effective for oily skin and mixed skin. In summer, the baking setting method can not only make the makeup last longer but also make the skin look smooth and delicate.

But this method is not suitable for people with dry skin even in summer, because it will easily cause powder sticking and untidy makeup.

But in winter, it is not recommended to use baking to set makeup with dry skin and oily skin, because even if you have oily skin but the weather is very dry in winter, it will make your skin dehydrated and cause more skin problems.

Q: Is it suitable for all skin types?

A: Of course not.

If your skin is dry, don’t use this way of setting makeup! The powder will only absorb the moisture on your face, making your facial skin drier, then prone to streaks, and dry lines.

If you are oily skin, congratulations, this way of setting makeup is very suitable for your skin, but don’t use it on the whole face and use it in the place where the skin is oily easily. I believe you will be able to feel the charm it brings.

If you have mixed skin, you can also use this way, but you must control the range. Don’t set the powder on the dry part, and pay attention to the amount, mainly in the T zone and other places where becomes oily easily.

The most important thing is to adjust the method according to your skin condition.

D. How to do makeup step by step with baking?

How to do makeup step by step with baking?

Step1:Prepare your skin

Because baking makeup requires us to use more powder under the eyes, even if our skin is oily, we also should do a good job of moisturizing the skin in advance. After all, ensuring that the skin is fully moisturized is essential to get smooth and wrinkle-free. Since the skin around the eyes is more prone to dryness, we can use eye cream to replenish moisture and reduce puffiness.

Step2:Apply your Liquid Foundation

When the most basic moisturizing work is done, then you can start applying foundation. We can use a wet makeup sponge to pat the liquid foundation evenly to press the foundation into the skin.

After using the foundation, if you need eye concealer, you can use a certain amount of concealer to apply under the eyes to cover dark circles and other blemishes.

Step3: Apply loose powder

First, pour the powder into the powder cap, which will help us to grasp the usage more conveniently. Next, use a puff to compact the powder to absorb as much as possible! Then press it thickly on the area to be set.

Step4: Baking with makeup

We put the powder on the face for 5 to 10 minutes. The body’s heat will “bake” or oxidize the cosmetics, and the powder will absorb excess oil. Of course, during this period, we can paint eye makeup and eyebrows.

Step5: Lightly Brush off excess powder

When we apply eye makeup, the eyeshadow is also powdery, it will often fall on apple muscles, but after using the way of setting makeup, these flying powder will only fall on the powder. Just use a makeup brush to brush off the excess loose powder is ok.

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