How to Use Coconut Oil to Remove Makeup Step by Step & Coconut Oil Reviews

How to Use Coconut Oil to Remove Makeup Step by Step & Coconut Oil Reviews

A. why is coconut oil good as a makeup remover?

Coconut oil is not strange to everyone now, because, in fact, it already exists in hundreds of beauty products on the market, including our most commonly used lipsticks, foundations and moisturizers, etc. Of course, it can also whiten teeth and be used for cooking. But, generally speaking, it can be used in most popular products like cosmetics and skincare products, like coconut oil makeup remover.

Reasons to Use Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover:

1. Coconut oil itself is purely natural, which is very safe for our skin and can be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Because coconut oil is high in fat, it also can help us reduce skin rashes, prevent acne and treat wounds. Of course, the benefits vary from person to person, and not all people can accept it.

You should understand your skin type, and try it before choosing.

2. Many people use makeup remover wipe, but wipes will bring great irritation to our skin, because you should pull and rub, and after repeated several times, you will find your skin turn red. This is the performance of being stimulated.

Compared with the traditional way of removing makeup, it is very gentle and safe to use coconut oil without pulling the skin. Just massaging with coconut oil can clean up the cosmetics.

why is coconut oil good as a makeup remover?

3. Reasonable price. Compared with general makeup remover products, coconut oil is not only large in quantity but also very affordable. For some girls who like makeup, you can buy a can of high-quality coconut oil for less than $10, and we can use it for at least 6 months.

4. Coconut oil can decompose the residual cosmetics on our skin, and can even decompose products that even difficult for chemical makeup removers. So, it can be seen that coconut oil surely has good makeup removal ability.

It can remove makeup faster than other removers in a short time, so we can remove makeup without “scrubbing” the face. that means you don’t need to spend a lot of time to remove makeup before bed every night.

5. Smells nice.

Here are some other ways to remove makeup:

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B. Which Coconut Oil to Buy for Makeup Remover?

There are many coconut oil products on the market. If you decide to buy it and try it, you must pay attention to your choice. After all, this is a product for your facial skin. Even if the price is affordable, please pay attention to the choice.

Pay attention to three points for choice:

–organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed

Pay attention to coconut oil that meets these three requirements, otherwise, it is very likely that the coconut oil you buy has undergone additional processing, that is to say, such a product is made of natural oil extracted and mixed with other chemicals. It will not be so natural and healthy, it will not be so safe for your skin.

“I recommend that you only use purified, cold-pressed coconut oil in liquid form,”

Carl Thornfeldt, MD, the founder of Epionce Skincare

C. How to Use Coconut Oil to Remove Makeup-The 4 easy Steps

How to Use Coconut Oil to Remove Makeup Step by Step

Step1:Scoop it.

Scoop a small handful of coconut oil from the jar, not too much, too much will make our face too greasy and uncomfortable. The size of a coin is enough to remove makeup from our entire face.

Step2:Rub it.

Because the best condition for storing coconut oil is to keep it in a solid-state, so we need to rub it between the palms and then become a liquid when heated.

Step3:Wipe it off.

Keep the facial skin dry before removing makeup, then spread the coconut oil evenly on the face and massage slowly. If the eye makeup is thicker, you can carefully apply some and then let it stand for about one second. Finally, you can use a cotton pad to wipe it off.

Step4:Wash it off.

Finally, we can wash it off with warm water, and then use facial cleanser for further cleaning to avoid cosmetic residues. If some coconut oil remains on the face, I suggest you massage the face for a moisturizing treatment.

D. Coconut Oil Makeup Remover Reviews

Makeup Remover Natural Raw Coconut Oil | Virginutty

This product is very gentle and non-irritating, we can use it for daily makeup removal. Because it can blend makeup well, even the eye makeup can be cleaned very clean without irritation. It can perfectly decompose cosmetic oils, and cleansing the cosmetics on the face will help clean and moisturize the face.

Coconut Cleansing Oil |The Wanderlust

This is a product that combines cleansing oil and cleanser. A perfect combination of antioxidant-rich coconut oil and green tea oil and other natural ingredients. The protein and vitamin E in coconut oil can deeply moisturize and clean the skin, effectively prevent dryness and reduce irritation.

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