How to use makeup sponge or beauty blender?

How to use makeup sponge or beauty blender?

As of 2020, the hashtag # makeup sponge has been brought up billions of times. And more and more makeup lovers prefer to use makeup sponge to blend their foundation rather than makeup brushes.

Here is Shreya’s review on makeup sponge” Because when we use a brush, it can make our face streaked and can also make our blend lines visible, which makes the look seem totally unnatural. On the other hand, a makeup sponge or beauty blender blends the make-up better and makes our face look more natural. And it is gentler on our face, while brushes can irritate sensitive skin and can also make dry skin look flaky.” However, there are still many people who like to use fingers to apply the foundation. That’s very risky and easy to make your face irritated. Because our hands often carry a lot of germs and using hand makeup can transfer these germs to our face. How terrible! Therefore, using makeup sponge is not only convenient but also hygienic!

makeup sponge or beautyblender
makeup sponge or beautyblender

How to use makeup sponge

Step 1 # Make it wet

Before we use makeup sponge on our face, we should get it wet first. Warm water is best, but if you think boiling water is a little trouble, you can just rinse the sponge directly under the faucet, and then you will be amazed at it will become double in size. This is because the sponge has absorbed the water. In this way, when we use the makeup sponge to apply makeup, it won’t absorb so much of our cosmetics, reducing unnecessary waste. The cosmetic is also very expensive! What’s more, It also moisturizes our skin so that it doesn’t dry out and flake when we apply makeup.

Step 2 # Squeeze out the excess water

Just keep your sponge in a moist state, but it doesn’t need too much water. Too much water will cause your sponge to shed a lot of water with a tap resulting in that you can’t apply makeup. Here’s a little trick: first, squeeze out some of the water with your hands, then wrap the sponge with a dry washcloth and squeeze again. With this double layer of absorption, the sponge will remain in a more suitable moist state.

Step 3 # Bounce it on face

Do not drag the blender across your face like a washcloth. Bounce it. Apply foundation to your hands or face and let the sponge bounce back and forth so that the foundation is evenly distributed on your face. Be careful to bounce it to every corner of your face. Theoretically, the heavier you press, the better your foundation will hold. So don’t knead too lightly when bouncing, but press the space between the foundation and the skin as little as possible! Beautiful women have to be hard on themselves,lol….

How to clean makeup sponge

To maintain a hygienic routine, wash your makeup sponge regularly. Usually, twice a week is the appropriate frequency. Not only does a buildup of the foundation look gross and make your sponges harder to use, but dirty sponges could be harming your skin. “You want a clean sponge at all times because, otherwise, it can harbor bacteria and moisture, which can cause breakouts,” celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh tells Glamour. So here Atomee will introduce to you some methods of how to clean your makeup sponge.

Method 1# Use soap and water

This is the easiest and most convenient method. All you need to do is to prepare a bar of soap, then wet the sponge with water, rub it twice on the soap, rub it repeatedly and rinse it off. Repeat this step twice, and the sponge is ready to be washed.

Method 2# Clean makeup sponge in a soak

This method can be suitable when you want to give your sponge a thorough cleaning because it is very dirty! First, Prepare your soap bath. Choose a container, mix up some water and liquid soap in it. If you’re extra worried about killing bacteria, boil some water and use that. Put your sponge into soak water and wait for a few minutes. Then squeeze some times to make sure that the sponge is totally bathed in the soak. After that, use water to clean it.

Method 3# Use coconut oil

Coconut oil also can help you remove cosmetics, and if you want to know something about coconut oil, see our other coconut oil blog. Coconut oil will not only clean your makeup sponge but also can make it soft and plush.

Method 4# Use removers

Actually, the dirty thing in our makeup sponge is cosmetics’ remnant. So we can also use makeup removers to clean it. First, mix the removers with water and then put the sponge in it for a few minutes. Second, take the sponge out and squeeze for some times. Last, take the sponge under the tap and clean it with water. That’s done!

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