8 Best Gifts for Animal Lovers from atomee

8 Best Gifts for Animal Lovers from atomee
 best gifts for animal lovers

Every time you want to think about what gift to give to your friends or family, do you feel very distressed and don’t know which to choose? Or maybe it seems like a daunting task for most people, but if they like animals, then it can be easy, because here I prepared a list of the 8 best gifts for animal lovers.

Inspired the TV-show Discovery, which shows me the beauty of the animal kingdom, it ‘s amazing and makes me get the charm of nature. Then I think if there are some gifts for animal lovers on atomee ? Because we can search and discover anything fantastic! Then I selected and wrote this blog to recommended the best animal-themed products for all animal lovers. Got this list, you don’t need to be like a bee when you want to buy a gift.

Below, these are the 8 best gifts for animal lovers, atomee hopes you can love these animal-themed gifts.

Best gifts for panda lover:CUTE PANDA-SHAPED DISHES

Have you watched the movie-Kung Fu Panda?

After this movie, more and more global people get interested in Panda and Kungfu. It’s really a cute and smart animal from China. If you like panda, please don’t miss this product. This panda bear-shaped plate is great for animal-loving kids (and also adults) parties. They come with golden details on the nose and eyes, which makes them very cute and bright!

Why atomee recommends:

  • Creative and handmade
  • Combine them with many different colors and put together a unique combination for your party!
  • Suitable for cooking lovers as a gift

Product details:

  • QUANTITY PER PACK: 8 units
  • MEASURE: 18 cm x 18.5 cm (small size)

Image source: quelindaesmifiesta.cl

Best gifts for wild animals: ANIMAL NAPKINS IN THE JUNGLE

Animals are having the party in the jungle! woo~ There are tiger, lion, giraffe, and zebra. That’s so cool! Do you want to come to their party together with atomee?

These wild napkins with wild animal design and gold plant will help make your party as wild as possible. Illustrated by Jordan Sondler (instagram@Jordan Sondler) for the Daydream Society. You can click this link and learn more about her artwork, I like her style of painting so much!

Why atomee recommends:

  • Designed by famous artist-Jordan Sondler
  • The pictures are vivid, suitable for all people who like wild animals
  • Suitable as a gift for male

Product details:

  • QUANTITY PER PACK: 16 units
  • MEASURE: 16 cm x 16 cm

Image source: quelindaesmifiesta.cl


This cup is made of melamine glass. And the surface of the cup is decorated with pretty swan and cream patterns. atomee believes that this cute cup will bring you more interesting days.
It is very suitable for drinking in the kitchen, parties, picnics and barbecues. Of course, you will find it has other uses (such as water cups and even vases in the bathroom! Just use your imagination).

Why atomee recommends:

Product details:

  • CANTIDAD POR PACK: 1 unidad
  • MEDIDA:  9 cm alto / 5.5 cm base / 8.5 cm boca
  • CAPACIDAD:  250 ml

Image source: quelindaesmifiesta.cl


These small plates from the Meri Meri have a cute illustration. Unlike the panda-shaped plate above, these plates have neon pink and orange flamingos. Their legs and beaks are all golden, so this makes them look very delicate, and they are all hand-painted to convey a vivid picture.

atomee suggests that you could combine them with other products in the Meri Meri basic series to achieve unique and special combinations.

Why atomee recommends:

  • Creative and vivid pattern
  • Suitable for all flamingos lovers especial pink girl as a gift
  • On sale and save 20%

Product Details:

  • QUANTITY PER PACK: 8 units
  • MEASURE: 22 cm in diameter (small size)

Image source: quelindaesmifiesta.cl


There is no celebration without cake and also there is no birthday party without candles! Have you imagined that combines creativity and originality on the most common candles, it would be too fun, isn’t it?

This Meri Meri fierce blue shark-shaped candle is suitable for any celebration and is a great decoration for the cake! This candle makes the birthday cake more cute and interesting.

See, it’s just like a blue shark surfing on the cream! Haha~

Why atomee recommends:

  • Combines creativity and originality
  • Suitable as a birthday gift to celebrate birthday

Product Details:

  • MEASURE: 11 cm high x 8.5 cm wide

Image source: quelindaesmifiesta.cl

Vasos reino de los dinosaurios

If you are a dinosaur lover or want to hold a dinosaur themed party, then you will love these fantastic T-Rex party cups in the Dinosaur Kingdom theme series of Meri Meri‘s brand.

By installing a beautiful dinosaur sleeve, the green ordinary disposable paper cup has become one of the most famous dinosaurs. We can use it to hold good hot and cold drinks at the party.

Why atomee recommends:

  • Environmental protection, materials can be recycled
  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks
  • A variety of styles to choose from atomee
  • Gift for party

Product Details:

  • QUANTITY PER PACK: 8 units
  • MEASURE: 9 cm high / 5.5 cm base / 7.8 cm mouth
  • CAPACITY: 250 ml

Image source: quelindaesmifiesta.cl

Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet

Baby Pet Magic Mask SheetSeal is a whitening mask sheet that contains niacinamide which helps to brighten and provide a radiating effect. It can help you get rid of dark spots on your face and watch them fade away while the essence is being absorbed into your skin!

Dull skin complexion? Don’t worry! This mask sheet will surely make your skin shine, and illuminate from within!

Why atomee recommends:

  • Gentle and healthy ingredients
  • Cute and creative shape, let you turn into a cute seal in a second
  • Brightening, Radiating, Moisturizing

Product Details:

  • Size: 22 ml.
  • Specific directions:
  1. washing face
  2. put it on face
  3. 15-20 minutes
  4. Remove mask

Image source: yukitokyo.com

Best gifts for animal lovers: Pig – Flying|Snooter-doot

“Hello! My name is Portia. I like to fly around my neighborhood. Are you our forever family?”

This is a Snooter-doot™ Flying Pig, and he is eager to be adopted by you! It’s pink, with white wings, and was born in Snooterville Junction.

Snooter-doots™ are hip, huggable art stuffed with charming personality! They’re whimsical, soft-sculptured collectibles and stuffies inspired by nature, uniquely handcrafted from knit-to-shape, fulled (felted), and needle-felted wool.

Why atomee recommends:

  • They are the perfect gift for the young, and the young at heart as hip, huggable art all in one collectible critter.
  • Handmade and designed for young as the best gift
  • Each one has a unique personality and character setting

Product Details:

  • Materials: wool yarn and natural fibers, felted wool, fiberfill
  • Size: 8″ wide and 9″ long

Image source: snooter-doots.com

Do you like these best gifts for animal lovers? If you like, shop now on atomee now, they are waiting fro you!

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