The top 8 best lipsticks from atomee for 2020 summer

The top 8 best lipsticks from atomee for 2020 summer
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Summer is coming, then are you ready to consider investing in some lipsticks for this summer? Today, atomee will recommend the top 8 best lipsticks from atomee for you.

For most people, it’s essential and normal to have three lipstick shades: nude, red, and a nice neutral, most often a pink. If you’re obsessed with lipsticks, so you should care more about the most popular brand at present, the summery designed brand.

Trying to select a suitable lipstick is like picking a chocolate from a box: there’re really too many options. Considering that you don’t know how to choose the best lipstick, we curated a list of the most recommended options of 2020 that ranks the top 8 on atomee.

Our team will comprehensively consider many factors, strictly review these online stores and the products, and recommend the safest and reliable products according to the latest needs of users.

Below, these are the top 8 best lipsticks, according to atomee‘ s Best Beauty Buys.

Top 8: Liquid Lipsticks|All tigers

best lipsticks All tigers
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ALL TIGERS Liquid Lipsticks offer intense & fun color, easy to apply, semi-matte, all with a vegan formulation. Protective and nourishing thanks to the oils and waxes that compose them, their opaque color holds perfectly on your lips.

Don’t you think this is so artistic and it really looks like an artwork?


2.12 colors can be selected


4.”Green” makeup, healthier and fashionable

5.Natural or organic & always vegan

Why atomee recommends:

1.All with a vegan formulation

2.The overall design is based on the theme of natural forest which is very suitable for summer

3.The products of this brand, the raw materials are assured, the design is novel, and the product pictures are of high quality

Top 7: Lipstains Gold Lipstick

 best lipsticks Gold Lipstick
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This one is the top 7 best lipsticks-Lipstains Gold is the original favorite with super-rich moisturizing and conditioning ingredients. It has amazing staying power and a great diverse color range to choose from. Lipstains Gold has a well-tried and tested performance record and is loved for its distinctive look and feel worldwide.


For all skin types (safe)

1.A diverse color range

2.12+ hours of color


4.Moisturizing & Conditioning

Why atomee recommends:

a.The overall style of the brand is very fresh and lovely, and its packaging design is decorated with pink flowers, just like the flowers in summer

b.According to atomee‘s research, the ranking of the store is high and it connects to many other websites and has a certain reputation

c.The quality of the pictures is high

d.Price is affordable

Top 6: Intense Matte Lipstick

best lipsticks Intense Matte Lipstick
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Ultra matte, super-rich formula delivers vibrant color with a velvety texture and long-lasting comfort. A nourishing blend of oils and butter condition and soften lips. Advanced humectants deliver powerful hydration to help keep lips moist and supple.


1.Snapdragon Flowers symbolize grace and strength

2.Keep lips healthy and moist

3.Help hydrate and condition lips

Why atomee recommends:

Healthy raw materials

1.Protect from free radical damage and environmental aggressors

2.Reference Review:

Erica P Bigelow:“I love the texture, but the color wasn’t quite as clean/pink as in the picture; it seems to be just a touch muddier in color. End result: tonally, it tends to turn just a bit toward orange/brown, and doesn’t stay mauve-pink.”

Top 5: Dose of Colours Liquid Matte Lipstick

best lipsticks
Image source:

With a soft, velvety feel, Matte Lipstick is a light and creamy lipstick that’s available in a wide shade range. Smooth over the lips with the applicator provided to deliver a comfortable and long-lasting wash of color.


1.For all skin


Why atomee recommends:

1.Vegan-friendly & Cruelty-Free

2.Healthy and safe raw materials can give you enough sense of security, the price is affordable, each bottle has 4.5g, and there are six colors to choose from

3.The overall design of the brand is green and simple, giving people a refreshing shopping experience in summer

4.The homepage of the store indicates the contact number and working time, giving users considerate service

Top 4: Pinky Rose – Liquid Matte Lipstick No Shade

best lipsticks Pinky Rose
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This recommended Liquid Matte Lipstick has a matte finish with a creamy liquid application, but after a few minutes, it dries to a comfortable long-wearing matte finish.

Here atomee has a tip: exfoliate and moisturize lips before use. Avoid oily/greasy foods as this can disturb the formula to remain long-wearing.



2.The milky liquid creates a matte effect

3.Sale: Frequently can bought the set together by a lower price ($23.85)

Why atomee recommends:

a.Objectively speaking, the brand’s website design is not beautiful enough, and the quality of the pictures is low and distorted

b.But the search traffic of this brand is ranked third on our website for lipsticks, we can see it has certain traffic and users

c.Healthy ingredients-vegan, cruelty-Free, phthalates free, paraben-free, and gluten-free

Top 3: Eco Minerals Lipstick Splendour

best lipsticks Eco Minerals
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Eco Minerals earthy hued, vegan, and palm oil free lipstick. Made with Jojoba and Castor oil in addition to Cocoa butter and Candelilla wax, this moist and creamy lipstick delivers moisturizing plant oils and nourishing butter directly to the lips while offering a dark orange-brown color with a subtle shimmer.


1.5 colors to choose

2.Recycled aluminum case

3.Offering a gentle colour with a subtle shimmer

Why atomee recommends:

a.There are 5 colors to choose from, all of which are very gentle, suitable for bringing a coolness to summer

b.The raw materials of the product are publicized. You can click on the additional link for details. The raw materials are mild, and the packaging is also made of recycled aluminum boxes, indicating that the brand has a nature protection concept

c.Made in Australia

d.Vegan and palm oil-free

Top 2: Prestige Matte Lipstick

best lipsticks Matte Lipstick
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Get a perfect pout you desired for with this matte lipstick. Smooth to apply, this lipstick will add shimmer of colour to your lips leaving you to look gorgeous all day long. The lovely shade will go well with any attire you choose to wear helping you stand apart from the crowd.


1.Long-lasting and comfort finish

2.Full and intense color

3.The formula is hydrating and nourishing thanks to Argan Oil

4.Not smudge on teeth and won’t need touch-ups

5.Give elegance to your full lips

6.On sale

Why atomee recommends:

a.The price is super low and affordable

b.According to the data (from similar web), the traffic to this website is pretty huge, it’s surprising that it is very popular

Top 1: Autumn | Matte Lip Kit

best lipsticks Matte Lip Kit
Image source:

Here comes our most recommended lipstick brand!

The KylieCosmetics Lip Kit!

Each Lip Kit comes with a Matte Liquid Lipstick and matching Lip Liner.
Lip Liner
This ultra-long wearing Lip Liner has a creamy texture that glides across the lips for a very easy and comfortable application. The Lip Liner sharpens easily in most standard sized sharpeners – just make sure your sharpener is not dull!

Matte Liquid Lipstick
The Matte Liquid Lipstick has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip. The extremely long-wearing lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient, and silky feel that does not dry out your lips.


1.Easily in most standard-sized sharpeners

2.Affordable price for a lipstick kit

3.It’s so popular and famous to get the most reviews from buyers

4..Ultra-long wearing lip liner glides across the lips easily and comfortably

5.Matte liquid lipstick has high-intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip

6.Containing moisturizing ingredients and does not dry out your lips

Why atomee recommeds:

a.In addition to the excellent and popular products of the brand itself, we have to mention that the brand has been evaluated by many buyers, which is pretty helpful for buyers’ reference

b.The brand’s own traffic is very large, indicating that it is very well-known, and there are many purchasers, so it is very reliable and trustworthy

c.The product display pictures are well-made, and the functions of the website are also very sound and user-friendly

d.Customers gave a very high score, reaching 4.8, which shows that their product quality and brand building are very rigorous.

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