8 Best Face Moisturizers Reviews for All Skin Type of Winter 2020 & Something We Should Learn

8 Best Face Moisturizers Reviews for All Skin Type of Winter 2020 & Something We Should Learn
Best Face Moisturizers

The winter of 2020 is coming soon. Are you ready to buy some best face moisturizers that suit your skin? We know that there are many different kinds of moisturizers, lotions and creams of various brands on the market, but our skin is unique, so it is very important to choose a suitable product. This includes many options: price, brand, skin type, skin problems, ingredients, etc.

In order to help users all over the world solve problems most conveniently, atomee has compiled the knowledge and product recommendations for facial moisturizers.

A. what are face moisturizers for?

what is face moisturizers?

Facial moisturizers is no stranger to our daily life. It is a key step in our daily skin care steps, which can make our skin more moisturized and healthy.

Simply speaking, a facial cream is an oily protective film that we will apply to the skin during our daily skincare process. It is an oil and water emulsion that can help our face skin replenish and lock in moisture, and even supplement the nutrients needed by the skin.

In addition, when we spread the facial cream evenly on the skin, it can also act as a protective barrier and help us block some harmful substances in the air that we can’t see.

The right facial moisturizers can also play a good defense against inflammation and damage to our skin, and as we getting old, it can delay the effects of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles caused by skin aging.

The difference between facial cream and lotion

There are so many types of skincare products around us now that many people even don’t know how to choose, how to distinguish, and how to get the right one. This time I will explain the difference between cream and lotion.

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But in fact, face moisturizers includes these two products: facial cream and lotion. They both have things in common and differences. In fact, the ingredients in lotions and creams are roughly the same. However, it will be differentiated in terms of ingredients for different skin types and seasons.

1. The main ingredients of face cream are cell activation ingredients, so moisturizing ingredients will be less than lotions. The water content of the lotion is relatively high. In addition to quickly replenishing moisture to the skin, it can also build a moisturizing sebum film for the skin to prevent water loss. This “water-moisturizers function” is one of the important functions of lotion and also this is why lotion are most suitable for dry skin.

2. The main function of face cream is to “lock water”, which is moisturizing. The cream contains oil, which can form a barrier on the surface of the skin to prevent water from evaporating, and at the same time, it can also reduce the damage to the skin caused by the outside world.

3. The water in the lotion is more than the oil, suitable for summer, especially oily skin and dry skin; the oil in the cream is more than the water, suitable for normal and dry skin.

The difference between facial cream and lotion

B. What are the best ingredients in face moisturizer?


Ceramides are fats that naturally exist in the outer layer of the skin. They are the main component of our skin structure.

Therefore, they are essential for maintaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Ceramide is found between our skin cells. The absence of ceramide will cause our skin to become dry and dehydrated, and it will be susceptible to external irritation and damage.


The function of glycerin is similar to that of hyaluronic acid. It is composed of sugar and fat, also exists in all fats. It exists in the fat of our skin and absorbs moisture from the environment and under the dermis to add moisture to the epidermis of our skin.

Hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid is actually found in the human body that helps lubricate joints and can even be found in eye fluid to help maintain its shape.

However, it will be consumed naturally with age, which is why beauty product manufacturers are starting to add it to their products. Experts say: “Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that moisturizes by absorbing water from deep into the skin to the outer layer.”


If you don’t know what petroleum is, then you should be no stranger to Vaseline. It is extracted from petroleum, it is very suitable for smoothing and protecting rough skin, effectively preventing water loss, and playing a moisturizing effect.

What are the best ingredients in face moisturizer?

C. How to choose the right facial moisturizers?

Many people don’t know how to choose a facial moisturizer that suits them. In this article, I will tell you the tips and steps on how to choose the best ingredients in face moisturizer for your skin.

Step 1: Know and consider your skin type

Whether you choose any skin care product, the first thing is to know your skin type. As for how to quickly identify your skin type, I have already written a simpler method in the previous article.

Of course, there is another skin type that is sensitive skin. The skin is thin and sensitive to external stimuli. When exposed to external stimuli, local redness, redness and swelling will appear, and symptoms such as blisters, lumps, and itching above the skin will appear.

Step 2: Know your needs and problems to solve

You need to know your skin type and condition, and choose the corresponding product according to your own problems. Instead of accepting all products. For example, if you have dry skin, you should choose a moisturizing lotion. If your skin is wrinkled, you should choose a product with a good moisturizing and water-locking effect.

Step 3: Choose products based on ingredients you need

We should choose the right skincare products based on the ingredients, instead of indulging in the diversity of ingredients, we should choose the ones that suit ourselves. Regarding the ingredients and specific functions of the moisturizer, I have already written about it. You can read it for reference~

Step 4: Don’t Let Price Fool You

The most expensive is not necessarily the best, the best for you is the best.

What you should believe is the ingredient list rather than the marketing term on the product packaging. This is our most sincere suggestion~

D. The best face moisturizers reviews for every skin type

NATURE MY BODY-Best Face Moisturizers

|Top 8|

Best Face Moisturizers for wrinkles

All Natural Facial Energizing Moisture Cream|NATURE MY BODY



This moisturizer is made from certified organic botanicals, antioxidants in seaweed and jojoba oil to fight wrinkles and moisture.

Not only it can effectively enhance the elasticity of the skin, smooth out rough patches, and blur fine lines, but also when you use the brand’s corresponding cleanser, toner and other products, you can also get better results.

This product is very suitable for normal or mature dry skin and can be used day and night.

THRIVE-Best Face Moisturizers

|Top 7|

Best Face Moisturizers for anti-aging

Defying Gravity Transforming Moisturizer™|THRIVE



The main purpose of this moisturizer from thrive is to help people improve fine lines, lock in facial moisture, and make our skin look younger. It can provide all-day hydration to our skin, restore skin elasticity but will not make us feel greasy and heavy.

Clinically tested to help smooth and lift the look of fine lines while improving the elasticity and firmness of your skin.

The most worth mentioning is that the product contains anti-oxidant ingredients, which can effectively resist aging, and is suitable for all skin types. It has also been proven to be safe to use in fragile areas near the eyes.

ETUDE HOUSE-Best Face Moisturizers

|Top 6|

Best repairing Face Moisturizer

Moistfull Collagen Cream|ETUDE HOUSE



This cream is rich in collagen and tocopherol, can provide moisture and vitamin E, can provide repair function for our skin, and also can keep skin moisture for more than 12 hours.

Its gel-like quality is suitable for all skins, of course it is most suitable for dry and combination skin.

It is worth mentioning that this cream is very good for absorption and does not give people any greasy feeling.

FRANK BODY-Best Face Moisturizers

|Top 5|

Best smoothing Face Moisturizer




Have you ever thought about adding coffee ingredients to face creams?

In fact, when caffeine becomes a component of face cream, it can bring us particularly unexpected effects.

This cream combines natural caffeine ingredients, as well as shea butter and vitamin E. The combination of these three can make our skin plump, and the cream is well absorbed without clogging pores. It can keep our skin fresh and not greasy.


|Top 4|

Best Face Moisturizers for oily skin

Hydra Drench Cream|100 PERCENTURE



This product is suitable for all skin types, of course it is most suitable for dry, oily and combination skin.

This cream is mainly to solve the greasy problem of oily skin. The fast absorption formula can effectively solve the hydrating problem for our dry skin.

You should know that all types of skin need to be hydrated, just like everyone needs to drink water. If you happen to have oily skin, just stick to this moisturizer.


|Top 3|

Best Face Moisturizers for dry skin

Argan Oil|100 PERCENTURE



If your skin is dry and you are troubled by it, then you can take a look at this moisturizer.

This product is rich in vitamin E, carotene and squalene.

Its effect is very powerful, it can deeply moisturize and soften our skin. If necessary, you can also use it on all parts of your body. You can even use it on your hair to moisturize your hair. So we can say it is water based face moisturizer.


|Top 2|

Best fragrant Face Moisturizer

Good Mood Gel Moisturizer|COLOURPOP



When I first saw this product, I was tempted! It’s so beautiful, pink is the girl’s favorite color.

This moisturizer from colourpop is an oil-free gel moisturizer that can add moisture to our skin and keep it hydrated.

It is worth mentioning that this product contains watermelon, rose and marshmallow extracts. Such a organic combination can bring fragrance to our skin and moisturize every inch of skin.


|Top 1|

Best Lightweight Face Moisturizer

Fourth Ray Beauty|COLOURPOP



This moisturizer is the lightweight and refreshing one I have seen, and the price is very affordable. It is dedicated to providing refreshing hydration for healthy and balanced skin.

The Lightweight is a fluid formula containing naturally derived Squalane. It absorbs quickly without the greasy residue, leaving skin soft, smooth, and makeup ready.

Developed without dyes, harsh chemicals or fragrances that can cause irritation and breakouts.

I like the products of this store very much, I believe you will be satisfied too!

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