What is Primer & Why Should We Use Makeup Primer

What is Primer & Why Should We Use Makeup Primer

What is your makeup routine? Will you do a lot of preparations, such as cleansing and moisturizing? And before you start applying your foundation, will you take a primer? Actually, whether you wish to use a full face of makeup every day or prefer a more simplistic approach to beauty, the primer could also be the simplest to your makeup bag. Yet, many people often skip this step because they believe they don’t really need it or don’t think it’s worth the investment, or even don’t really know what primer is. This guide will tell you something about what primer is and why we use makeup primer.

# What is Primer

Makeup primer is a base for foundation or face makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer. Its feature can be a cream, gel, or liquid designed to create a smooth base for your makeup. Just like your foundation, it comes in a variety of finishes—dewy, satin or matte—and works to fill in pores, absorb excess oil, and even out your skin texture so your foundation goes on smoother, appears more natural and lasts much longer. Primers, however, not just apply to the foundation. Here are the different types of primers.

Foundation Primer

1. Foundation Primer

Foundation primer is used before you apply the doudation. It will set a base for your face foundation so that the makeup can stay a long time on your face.

Eyelid or Eyeshadow Primer

2. Eyelid or Eyeshadow Primer

Do you notice that your eyelids get a little oily throughout the day? Eyelid primer may be exactly what’s missing from your makeup routine. Eyelid or eyeshadow primer won’t enhance your eyemakeup while they can protect your makeup from creasing.

Eyelash Primer

3. Eyelash Primer

Eyelash clips from makeup won’t last a day, and the lashes will droop in a few hours. However, eyelash primer lengthens your lashes, and, in some cases, can also stimulate lash growth. It also creates a nice base for your mascara to grab onto, making it last longer.

Why Use Makeup Primer

First, the makeup primer will make our makeup last for longer. Second,  the primer can cover up spots and dark patches to even out your skin tone. No matter what makeup look you choose to wear, primers can give you a flawless and radiant base. Third, most primers also have SPF that protect your skin from the harmful sunshine light. Last but not least. It will also benefit your skin because it’ll be easier and outright to remove your makeup when you use the foundation primer. The cosmetics will not cover your skin directly so they won’t do great harm to your skin!

Some skin hazards are hard to avoid, such as UV rays and airborne pollutants that you can’t avoid even if you’re not facing the sun. The second major function of a barrier cream is to protect against these two irresistible natural elements. For people who use computers for long periods of time, without proper protection, the skin is prone to pigmentation, fine lines, and premature aging. Most of their ingredients are rich in antioxidants and have high concentrations of nutrient-rich ingredients that inhibit free radicals and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Last but not least, the primers can help us remove makeup better, and you’ll find that after using a primer cream you’ll be able to remove it very cleanly, with very little makeup residue on your skin. Whereas makeup that doesn’t use a primer cream will be difficult to remove.

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