Best 2020 Thanksgiving Makeup Idea You Need to Know

Best 2020 Thanksgiving  Makeup Idea You Need to Know

Thanksgiving Day is coming. There are so many things should be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day: the frontline medical staff who help us fight against the Coronavirus, the friends or strangers who have helped us in the past time, as well as we ourselves. We have gone through the hardest time. So on this special Thanksgiving day, let’s make up the best looks to show our respect for life. Here is the best Thanksgiving day makeup idea for you from atomee.


Warm maple leaf looks, It takes the theme of orange color to show the cozy life in fall and winter.


Of course, all the best makeup looks start with a flawless base. Hide any imperfections by applying the suitable foundation and building the formula up to reach your desired level of coverage. The base makeup should not be too heavy, try to be as clear as possible to show the original skin tone, in this way we can create a sense of “life” atmosphere.


The blush is necessary because It can enhance your complexion. Choose an orange blush and apply it with a super light hand. Be careful that use very little product and pressure on the brush, and build it from there. As long as it’s light, it won’t look ridiculous in real life. But if you are a careless beginners of makeup, here is something that’s almost impossible to overdo, the mineralized formula: they have less pigment usually, and they give a great dewy effect with less color payoff.


It’s time to amp up the orange vibes. Fill in your brows with gel. So we’re making two big statements with this look. One is the orange matte blush, and the orange and brown eyes are the other. Therefore, bushy, casual-ish brows balance nicely with that IMO. After applying an eyelid primer, start by coating your lids and blending the color into your crease with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Then fill up your upper lid with the matte reddish-brown powder eyeshadow. Blur them with a blending brush, but still, keep the basic shape that you carefully sketched before. You want a gradient that goes from brown at the lash line and lightens as it moves up toward your brow bone. It’s the core of the Thanksgiving makeup look!

Now it turns to the lower lash line. Here is a trick: you can still use the blending brush and just sketch the shape of the lash line with it. After all the stages before, you need to draw an extended eyeliner according to the shape of the eye to lengthen the eyes. Red-brown eyeliner or yellow eyeliner are both good choices.

Finally, load your blending brush with face powder (yup, face powder!), and run it along the edge of the eyeshadow on both your upper and lower lash lines. This step helps your eye makeup look smoother. It also gives you a chance to correct any areas where you may have taken your shadow too high or too far out.


Coat your upper and lower lashes with mascara.


Choose a thin layer of orange and red lipstick to the center of your lips. Then use a finger to feather it out as close as you can get to the edge of your lips. The line around the edge of your lips with the matte brown pencil liner. In the last step, choose another layer of liquid lipstick (a similar color) to strengthen your lip, matte lipstick is accepted too. If your edges of lips get a little wonky after you’re done with this step, correct them with the lip liner.


According to the experts, when we smile we automatically trigger our own autonomic nervous system, which releases endorphins into our blood, to trigger a happy hormone. That being said, smiling at someone else, offers a chance for them too to feel that same happy hormone. It’s a win/win situation! The best thing on Thanksgiving day is to share happiness with each other. And the smile can add warmth and vitality to this look.

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